A Simple Device that Makes INFUSION EASY! | Pot by Noids (REVIEW)

Hey Pot Peepz Today’s Video is : My Official Review of an All-in-One Herb Cooker Infuser Device Called “Pot by Noids” NOTE TO VIEWERS: …


  1. You are truly teaching me a lot. I’m new to the POT game but i must say that after 2 failed back surgeries, i have just stop taking all pain meds and now the edibles and pot is my new pain reliever. That device looks really simple to use.

  2. Hahaha Thanks Ava, for the honest review. The timing is set up long because that’s the only way to avoiding local overheating, hence burning the herbs. We have tested again and again, we don’t understand how other machines can do it that fast while avoiding the local over heating issue and guarantee full activation. The timing also includes the cooling down part, when the light goes off, the temp of the glass drops to below 122 F – warm but no risk of burning the hands.

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