86 businesses in Arizona can sell recreational marijuana

People lined up at businesses across the state as dozens of them got the green light to seel recreational marijuana.


  1. The governor has given the dispensaries carte blanche. To fk us over. No fuking social distancing. Not answering phones!!! No dam delivery worth shit. A crying shame. Ppl acting like they never made money. B4.
    Ignorant ass poor customer service too the max!!! Grow your own!! Grow your own!!!!!

  2. Thy all suck too. Wont answer thy phones . cant set up an online order. For delivery. Thy Just forgot about me…..Thy Cant even answer the dam phone. I called 3 places too.i feel
    Like im a fukn dog at the gravybtrain trough. Dont go down there …. covid nitemare. Its probly
    Ignorant. No rules enforced.

  3. Good thing they are wearing masks I guess. I would be concerned if I chose to partake and my employer saw me on this broadcast (if I drove a company truck etc). Just because its legal for recreational use, does not mean companies cannot terminate you if its in your system and you operate/ control their assets.

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