1. hi bro i have a 2 part question for you and would appreciate your thoughts I have 4 white widows out side in week 6 of flower they are not getting as thick as i know they should after watching you amazing videos i realize i have been way over watering lots of branches and buds just not full again since i have been watching you im going to start indoor i just got my5x5 for flower and a 2×4 for veg tents and light today SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light 5'x5' Flower Compatible with Samsung LM301B Diodes Dimmable Commercial Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR 1212pcs LEDs and the Optic 150 VEG Dimmable LED Grow Light 150w 5000k COBs for the 2×4 veg tent
    is it ok to bring them into the tent for a month and if so what should i start the power at it adjustable from zero to 100% I would so appreciate your thoughts you have the best channel out there

  2. plants look great bro, sucks you had those kinda bug issues, my sky has been grey for 3 weeks, my shades make shit look red with the lack of uv coming thru, today though we had blue sky, love the grow, stay safe and lifted

  3. Bio! Another great video. More on your beautiful garden and good music! I’m wondering if your channel will become like an old school radio show that takes request? That would be fun. Old school R&B requests and beautiful cannabis? lol. Thank you sir !

  4. You are obviously an experienced grower and have a book of knowledge with seasons of experience. Beautiful plants, healthy and not requiring anymore nutes than you are giving them now… Now one question…Why are you playing with so many strains that may have sativa dominance in their traits ? If I had that set up which is awsome I would go for chunk over your airie budding strains. Like you say "wait and see."..None the less. Great grow and the effort you make in your video is appreciated. Cheers mate

  5. Aye BLO29, Love the Dosido it has great structure the buds are big and tight! Normally happy with the Sour D must have gotten a funky phenotype. Didnt catch the strain on the right side when you first walk in but it looks fantastic! As far as the bud wash just water and hydrogen peroxide correct! Those damn moths they infested my tomato crop I live in Florida and its really tough on outdoor growers down here super high humidity and high temperatures also it rains everyday! If you didnt grow up down here growing you could never have a successful croptober! Nice job this appreciate the no-till grow style! Have a great day and a sunny tomorrow! Catch ya'll growmies on the flipside! Peace!! Richy Rich out!!

  6. Great job Bio living organics and that girl!
    I have really enjoyed watching you guys throughout the growing season , the ups and downs , the way you make your soils and the housing you house your ladies in. A lot of great information coming from this channel as well as good vibes and positivity! You did great this season I look forward to the harvest, the smoke report as well as next run or next season! Thank you for documenting .

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