1. I have to say I never leave my plants unattended after learning my lessons 4 decades ago. Too much cost and work to have go up in smoke without smoking it. I always had to grow illegally outdoors in AZ but now can grow. legally since last November 30th. 12 plants – so Building a greenhouse for the plants to grow outdoors. Never any problem with bud rot here in this dry climate and low rain. If it rains you just tarp them for a few hours and now they are always covered. Peace and hope that 2021 growing season is better for your climate there sucks so you never ever know how bad it will be. Glad it is you and not me though. Get a real greenhouse and most of your problems are solved. At loeast you have some weed to get you through till next year. All the best to you and yours.

  2. Man 2020 wasn't my year as well, better days ahead. Thanks for all the videos. Good stuff. I'm doing the living soil as well and finally got it dialed in I think . Best of a new year to ya

  3. I'm also getting into archery. I want to live a little more self reliant and stay out of grocery stores as much as possible. I was curious about the tobacco seeds. You find them online?

  4. Bud Rot For Me This Last Years Harvest ..Sucked .. We Had 2 Much Rain Here .. Had Outdoor Plants .. Thanks For Sharing..
    The Good The Bad And The Ugly!! Helps

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