1st Time Cannabis Grower reviewing their First Harvest with GreenBox Grown

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  2. You dont have to pay to learn to grow there are plenty of master growers out there who will give it away for free most of the time when you see people charging for info on vrowing its because they cant make it themselfs in yhe growing business

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  4. Absolutely amazing grows! I loved growing my own but laws changed here in Montana, so i had to stop growing my own meds. I truely do miss seeing a tent full of fully mature, fragrant, and sticky meds. Very good of you to help growers get excellent results. Great video dude! 👏👏

  5. All of the information you need to grow cannabis is available for free without paying for somebody's videos or channeling money into somebody's Patreon account. I feel bad for the suckers in the videos.

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