1. The amount of times I’ve said I’m quitting, and end up sabotaging myself. It feels like a never ending battle. And I can go months without, but when I drink, I DRINK. Almost like I’m making up for lost time. I just went on a three day binger with friends and haven’t drank since Christmas Day. I have no idea why I do this. Now I’m sitting here in an awful depression, and anytime this happens I can almost guarantee it’s linked to drinking. It makes it feel less and less fulfilling.

  2. Definitely my problem was saying stupid shit when drunk, or sleeping with someone I would have never- I’m no alcoholic and I definitely lessened my use as a whiskey drinker, it feels better when I’m completely clear- my other issue I end up watching porn and am less productive

  3. Two years and several months for me (alcohol and tobacco). I moved to the mountains and took up hiking. Quitting is much easier if you are able to remove yourself from your current environment, and when you take up healthy activates. I'm healthy, happy, and in amazing shape.

  4. One week sober from alcohol, I’m tired of it letting me destroy my relationships only to plan my next drink… tired of it. I’m going for 90 days without and will meditate after my 90 days whether I want to have a drink responsibly. Please everyone wish me luck, been battling this shit since 19. I’m 22 now and have an daughter. Time to grow up… goodluck to everyone. Also withdrawals are not fun and if you have been drinking ridiculous amounts for a long time period. You might want to consider a rehab. Try to taper or have someone else do it for you. Remember mind over matter.

  5. Im getting older and it feels like every holiday, event, or time spent with friends seems to revolve around alcohol. Its funny because of everything thats happened lately its given me an excuse to avoid most of it. One problem for me is that I work a lot and drinking with friends was a chance to relax and get some social interaction I need so its a double edge sword.

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  7. Whatever!! imagine a party without drinks. It would be like watching a an award movie and the concept of party itself will be endangered. Just drink alcohol. Dont allow it to drink you

  8. I quit cigarettes in 2017, and now I'm fed up and ready to quit drinking.
    I don't like what it mentally and physically does to me plus it has caught up to aging me quicker and I look at myself in the mirror like WHOA!!! 😒

  9. I switched from drinking alcohol on the weekends to smoking cbd & weed on the weekends. And I feel great…. I lost weight and everything 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. I quit drinking 6 years ago when I was 25. It was never a problem and I use to binge drink once every few months. Quitting was the best decision ever. Don't be a follower

  11. I’m on day 5 of quitting. I’ve noticed a lot more energy and a lot more motivation. Some anxiety but it’s manageable. I know it’s only 5 days, but I’ve not done this in 15 years.

  12. If you can control your intake and go from every night to once a week (not getting absolutely shit faced mind 😄) does that mean you were never an alcoholic? ..
    I've managed that method with no withdrawals or shakes etc.
    PLEASE reply with opinions as all I find online is abstinence theories!….

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