1. I will say this guys. Weed is awesome, but use in moderation. Know what amount is best for you. Be responsible with it. But other than that it's a beautiful plant. Waaaaaaaay better than alcohol😂

  2. Love my medical canabis, I was already high before I started treating Fibromyalgia, and brought more clarity. 😊helped me to realize my purpose. So do you ever visit the cat down the Road, @Ralphsmart ? 🙂

  3. My family keep telling me why have i given up on jesus i should no better im going to hell 1st of all ive been there millions of times in my heart and soul ive lived a million lifes i can never go back ever

    They got it wrong lol jesus said i am my father are now one meaning god i believe when we die this human body
    Does become one with the universe theres no escaping it (because we are a spiritualbeing having an human experience right) but our soul can reiencarnate if we choose (hence why we should respect all life forms) or we can go back to our ancestors or become kaitaki (spirit guides) my ancestors were woke our langue is te reo the moon reps understanding in te reo maori it means marama (moon) in te reo maori to say i understand is he marama ahau in te reo the sun is
    te (the) ra (sun) little do they know its Amen RA

    Also they say they are sons of god 🤔🤔 hmm exactly because there is no gender only F/M energy

    Yes im very high lol

  4. Love you ralph youre so funny i love my cannabis for over a year ive been avoiding it because everything you say its truth i assumed youd say to stop lol before i started the vid i lightd up a bong lol

  5. I love smoking. I’m a bit too dependent on it now. But it does make me so much happier. I was depressed very long time and also self harming and it helps me not do that. But now my husband and I want to start a family soon and I know I shouldn’t smoke while pregnant. It’s hard to stop though because I’m so dependent now

  6. Damn it felt like he was speaking right to me thru the phone. Im literally smokin a joint right now lmao but it is cbd weed and it has great medicinal properties i love cbd

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