1. I have had complex partial seizures and now recently grand mal and I have been on numerous medications and I have had the most luck with marijuana. It's not 100% especially since I am not able to buy exactly the kind(s) that are for my seizures, but its stilly not to try.

  2. I can't see right now but medical cannabis is quite restricted where I live (Australia;; of all places).
    I'm just blind from too much tegretol, epilim, vimpat and clonazepam (nbnightoly) but it's 3pm.
    YUoutube clicky fun time hehe.

  3. Thanks Dr. Collins for your input. But, one thing is once I heard of 'Weed' for Seizures, I went crazy mad since I would always stop a friend of mine from smoking. But I got it straight, it was not weed it was CBD. Then, 2 very close and concerned friends found out about it and immediately told me to ask my, at that time, Doctors which denied it. Then, some other Doctor just said, 'Its not for you.' Another, "We don't prescribe it." So, they both got really mad and said, "They don't want to prescribe it, because it would be a loss of money for them. Since things would more than likely get better for you and they would no longer be needed." And yeah, the money amount is another thing plus mad that Insurance won't cover it. I kept searching and yeah, the places don't have Payment Plans but there is a Discount for Disability. And I need a Recommendation from a Registered Practitioner. So, I see it's a huge "NO" for me. Plus, with it now being brought up so much why not try to help out your patients? That's why they came into the field. Or no?

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