1. "if I smoke some other weed ill be in the corner stoned" lol if that was true then you'd be switching strains. Which is isn't because even though the high will be different, you still gonna be tolerant asf from smoking a goddamn ounce a day lol

  2. An ounce a day is wayyyyy to much if you smoke good shit. If I smoke very good stuff I can smoke 1/2 ounce max. I was an experienced weed smoker. I live in the Netherlands, so the weed was good, like 23% thc. I’ve stopped smoking pot a couple of weeks from now. I’ve smoked 2 grams a day for like 6 years. I’m 20 right now. I’ve learned that it makes me unproductive. Most of my friends, like 90%, still smoke weed or hashies daily. I’ve learned that it’s a too nice feeling but it will get me nowhere. So take my advice and smoke some pot at the afterparty but not on a daily basis, unless you’re a famous rapper and it belongs to your imago. Stay save, stay cool. Just know what you do, otherwise u will end up like a fool. I gave u the clue

  3. I smoked like 14 gram aday and never even feel no buzy from bud weed wax or canna butter food I had smoke weed tobe normal.I quit 5 year n went back on it 4 months quit 2 years if smoke weed now I become paranoid schizophrenic

  4. Alot of these niggas smokin an Ounce but rolling 4 g backwoods on some uanessacry shit plus they aint even pullin that bitch to the roach not even inhaling all of it probs halfs thes bitch and starts new one realistically hes only properly smoking 14g a day

  5. Literally a waste of the plant. I take massive CBD doses for my back, and I do smoke flower daily. I don’t fuck with concentrates besides live resin carts occasionally. Ounce is honestly ridiculous, no hate just my opinion.

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