Wish Bongs & Smoking Accessories Haul & First Look 👀 At Trulieve Kief || Florida Medical Marijuana

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  1. The gender thing is great im going to use it from now on and spread it. Also that has to be one of the most unique bongs I have ever seen and the first interactive bong I've ever seen. Just went to grow healthy for first time and they let me use 75 off 150 discount for first time instead of 25% off. Just letting everyone know. I got the queso perro and its unique for sure. Great vid tim.

  2. Hey Bud………………………………Is there any way to see real time inventory with real time THC percentage's online for my local Trulieve store ( Titusville ) ? I only ask because as a senior I am thinking about doing the delivery mode for the 1st time. The rise in Covid cases has me a bit nervous. Thanks.

  3. They have to put that it’s not for smoking because it comes out of the inhalation route and not the smokable route. Just like their flower in the vaporization cups that were a way for Trulieve to sell flower before it was legal. It’s a way to get around giving us more actual flower mg without upping the 2.5 oz per 35 day rule. So many hoops to jump through just to get our medicine. Ridiculous! But I am grateful we have a legal way to get it. Don’t get me wrong! Good video. I have Duct Tape too. Such a good strain. But it’s one of the ones in my opinion that is best at high thc levels. I don’t normally give a crap about thc levels. Like you I’ve gotten great effects from some low thc flower. I just prefer Duct Tape at the higher levels. It came in at 30% one time and it was 🔥🔥. But most strains would be at 30%! 😂✌🏽

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