Why I take RSO daily

Hey folks, in this video I wanted to discuss my reasons for putting myself on a course of full spectrum RSO. www.blacksheepdispensaries for CBD full spectrum …


  1. Have been using RSO for about 4 months. Suffered a severe TBI in 2013. I use edibles and RSO to sleep, but also repair. Sounds like I may not be injecting near enough RSO to help my damaged brain.

  2. Hi… I’ve been taking RSO for my breast cancer… been on it for 5 months… and it helps me so much with my sleep/anxiety/and most of all pain… I’m on only RSO for pain… sometimes I do take Tylenol 3… when I feel a bit achy then usual… but I’ve been blessed that I haven’t had to take any strong opioids for my pain… good information about it in this video… and it shows you might out live us… very happy you take as a maintenance dose… to prevent anything that might want to sneak out…💨🍀✌🏼🙏🏼❤️

  3. Hi , thanks for the informative video , I started taking rso a few months back now , I wasn't strict on the dosage but I didn't miss a day or night , took it for about 50 days before my prostrate opp , they removed my prostrate and said it was very diseased , now I'm waiting on the results , but in the meantime I'm back on rso (day35) , I hate feeling high and paranoid so I decided to read a bit more about ways of consuming rso , they said taking it as a suposotory in a vegan capsule wouldn't get you high , so I stuffed the capsules with half a gram in each and took one in morning and one evening , and just to be sure I started taking 0.32gm orally just before bed , I'm also taking the bedtime 0.32 because I really don't feel anything from taking rso in the suposotory .
    My aim is to try and get the 1 gram dose into me orally and not go around smashed off my face all day , but if I have to just up the oral dose night by night until I reach half a gram , then take the morning capsule in the suposotory , but that's just my little bit to add for those who don't like the heavy stoned feeling .

    Ok been back to hospital they told me my prostrate was very diseased when they removed it , and decided I should have a 7 week radiation course , meantime I've been back on the rso 1 gm a day for the past 40 ish days again now , half a gram orally evening and half a gram in a capsule in suppository evening .
    My thinking is , all up I've prob done about 80-90 days on the rso , but I didn't know the state of my insides before I started the rso , so I don't know if it's even made the slightest difference to my prostrate cancer , my score for prostrate was 0.04 after they removed the prostrate , then a few weeks later it was 0.02 , but the doctor said after a prostrate opp , the number should be zero not 0.02 , which indicates to them there mit be cancer present in the area , so by now , shouldn't this rso have killed off or shrunk what's left of the cancer , it's been made the exact way the video showed to make it , never miss a day taking it , yet here I am getting told I gotta have 7 weeks radiation , so I guess I'll never know if the rso worked or not , I do know that I am going to keep on taking it because there's not much other options for me .
    So all up roughly I've taken about 100gms of rso so far all up , I never had pain before diagnosis and I feel much the same now , so can't judge if rso relieves pain or not , it does give me the best nights sleep though .

    19/11/20 hospital today for beginning of radiation , but then I decided to take up the offer of hormone injections every 3 months , as well as the 7 weeks of radiation , I decided this after she told me my PSA hadn't gone down at all , it's just static right now , she also said if I could refrain from taking RSO while I'm having treatment , she was fine with it but just wasn't sure if it could interfere with the injections or radiation , so I'm almost finished , all up I've prob had at least 90 days of oil so far , don't feel any different at all , not the best news so far , but maybe more scans and time it might do its thing.
    So at the moment my PSA hasn't come down at all , nor gone up .
    The oil is Indica strain , made from good grade buds , 99.9% isopropyl, I followed every tiny detail from rick Simpsons video , but I switched from rice cooker to a water distiller
    Change of plan , went to hospital , she spoke more about the injections every three months , she said if she was me she would give them a go because it's been very successful in th past , so I'll give it a go , now that I said yes to the injections , I will get the first one tomorrow off my doctor , then every three months , but a while after the first injection they will still give me radiation as before for 7 weeks , she checked my blood test results today and the psa count hasn't gone down , which means cancer is still spreading but slowly because they can tell by the psa numbers when u have a blood test .

  4. Holy fuck this is strong shit. I never get high and they gave me a drop on a cookie and Holy good lawd was I tweaking. Didn't hit for an hour so I didn't believe it was doing anything then bam. One weird and fucked up night. Couldn't sleep either

  5. but the thc rso oil is what you need for best medicinal purposes, eg it attacks the cells then reimburses new healthy cells. cbd is of course brilliant for anxiety digestive system and much more, but isnt as good at all for curing cancers and many other illnesses

  6. i've done RSO over several regimens. one option is 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. it mellows out the THC effects. also full on THC. GG4, AlienBubba, and Starkiller. they are intense, especially if you don't have a tolerance. using 60G's over 90 days is a lot . Tommy Chong used it for colon cancer and and took it in suppository form (he said his butt got high). as far as using RSO in small doses for general well being, i would do it in regimens and then take time off. i think your endocannibinoid system likes it.

  7. Can anyone give me an estimate of how much bud is actually in one of these syringes or RSO dose?

    Surely thats the measure the small manufacturing/practictioner needs to know or work with most.

  8. I take 200mg roughly a day and my wife take nearly a gram/1ml a day for her lupus and quite a few more ailments. Bless this herb 🙏. Stay safe and stay strong 💪✌️💚

  9. How do u afford to take it everyday and smoke weed and do everything else jheez m8 I can smoke a oz in week and that’s like £200 that’s a lot of money how can I afford £200 every week and u can’t tell me u have a massive farm with a convayer belt of flavours like orgailnised crime

  10. If you want get it into you better, put it in capsules with coconut oil and soya lecithin. Makes it far more bioavailable. I always want it to go by my liver as it's more potent.

  11. To make the rso more bio-available, you need to put the oil under your tongue and leave it there a while before you wash it down with coffee or any liguid. The cannabinoids need to be absorbed into the blood stream via the sublingual artery right under the tongue. If you wash the oil down too quickly the oil has to then pass through the liver before it does any good with what is left of the dose. Otherwise you might as well take the oil in en edible., stoney but not as effective medicinally.

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