White Widow 2×4 grow Tent Ep.3 Deleafing Plants before Flower and Green Plant Nutrients

In this Episode we cover how we fixed the issue in Episode 2 where we were experiencing yellowing and cupping of the older fan leaves. We discovered the Ph …


  1. Nice work , there's no right or wrong way to grow cannabis , if you're having fun and keeping yourself supplied then it's all good , most cannabis videos or forum's are full of critics and know it all's , nobody knows everything . I'm 67 and started growing in 1967 , l learn from newbies all the time and never criticize , just give my 2 cent's if I have something POSITIVE to add …..keep up the good work !

  2. love your videos, can i know how far u have the lights from the top of the plants? i started to use this light 1 week ago and i still dont know how far should it be. your plants look amazing so i would take your recommendation.

  3. hey, always down for a give away to step up my grow game. Have opened an instagram account just for these things since everyone seems to want us too. Love the content man maybe one day I wont be so scared and will throw up some videos. keep up the great content!

  4. That's looking good man. You made a good point when you said to trim do the leaves trim at the bottom. My first grow Amnesia haze day I trimmed to many large feeder leaves a the top the plant turned yellow and I harvest dry crap weed. It was so dry the branches cracked like a popsicle stick. Not this time got the Spider Farmer SF 4000 and some Bruce Banner Auto and better education, your videos help , thanks

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