Which INSTANT POT to Buy in 2020? | 6 Quart vs. 8 Quart, LUX and DUO

Wondering Which Instant Pot to Buy? I will share with you my thoughts after making healthy Instant Pot recipes for over 2 years. If you are new to whole pressure …


  1. My first time watching your video's. I like them and will watch more:-) If I may make a small suggestion, the background music is a little too high in the edit. I'd rather hear what you're saying and have your voice more prevalent, I like the music, just not that pronounced. Great video and it helped me make a decision, thank you!

  2. does anyone know what is the max short grain dry rice one can put in 6 qt vs 8 qt? i bought two 6 qt duo as that was the only available in the stores (kind of pricey before when i bought, no sales), now you can get them almost 1/2 off….i never use the yogurt function. i also bought 2 inner pots as i learned needed to cook multiple things sometimes. recently, i had to cook for big group to help the out frontliners….i used the 2 6qt and had both extra inner pots (4 batches)…i found that i may need to get an 8 qt one in the future if i cook for groups again. i cooked the rice and beans separately in the pots and the rice at the bottom end up being too mushy. so if you need to cook rice in it, i think perhaps the max may only be 5 cups dry? when i cooked 3 cups it came out well….i will experiment again in the future when i hvae to do a potluck

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