When Will I Be Buying More Mindmed Stock? (Plus One New Psychedelic Stock I Bought Today)

In this video, I talk about the recent moves for Mindmed and when/if I plan to buy more shares. I am also talking about the new stock in the psychedelic sector that …


  1. First, you da best!
    Second, other cryptos have to go up in value, Bitcoin is too much. Who is going to buy one coin at 20k+? People want to make money like me!! And even if Bitcoin were to drop to 16k-18k, will people still invest and risk that for a 2-6K return? I honestly don’t know if I would if I had the money. Do you have any interest in Bitcoin or any other cryptos?(sorry I forget if you said that and now I can’t go back because I have to keep writing or discard and I came too far now!🤣😂)
    psychedelic meds are making a name for themselves for people who know about them like us or people who have done them. But I’m not so sure what the overall public emotion will be?
    Will these company’s ever suggest “heroic” doses or only microdoses? In my experience they both work but are used for different reasons. But too much of anything is not good for you in my opinion, which makes me question how long doctors think a person should be micro dosing and not abusing it. In microdosing they say if you feel it you’ve more than microdosed. To me microdosing is just acting as a stimulant with out any anxiety while helping me focus and be more creative. It can be slightly euphoric or bring you to baseline. I’m going too long, sorry. I think the deciding factors are going to be the public’s reaction to these drugs when they eventually go public. It’s def gonna get there no doubt there’s so much room to grow and make money but there are still so many unanswered questions in my opinion. These drugs are literally going to change the world.

  2. The market is all about bitcoin at the moment, 2020 stock market is just difficult and unbelievable, i rather invest my money on crypto, Bitcoin trade is great unlike the stock market and other financial market, Bitcoin has no centralized location since it operates 24hrs in different part of the world

  3. Curious as to your timing for buying myco. There’s a lockup expiration of 52m shares coming early January, no doubt to put selling pressure on the price. Thoughts on waiting until that subsides?

  4. $MMED
    Price is consolidating around the cap raise price. Use dips to acquire if you believe in the business. They have a LOT of cash which makes them attractive takeover targets also as cash is a non-operational asset and not counted in EV. Time for management to put the money where their mouth's are now. Any positive news that justifies the amount of cash they just raised will rocket this stock, especially if it it listed on the NASDAQ. If they miss their results they will be crucified after the amount of cash they just pulled.

    Perhaps buy a cheap OTM call on
    $NFLX who will no doubt make a documentary about this as a psychadelic version of Theranos, however, with

    reporting good news the sector should be buoyed overall.

  5. Its apparent the industry dips partially based on MMEDs performance, but at what point of success does it take for the top 3-5 in the industry to become apparent instead of now where it seems like alot of sub .75 cent to 1 dollar stock no matter how low is just seen as a risk vs reward potential and viewed as less of a risk than a normal penny stock just because of the sector. Or can these small market caps use the hype as a chance to leech enough to expand and catch up

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