What is the Best and Quickest Way to Clone Cannabis Plants?

Welcome to the Propagation Races! I attempt to propagate a number of cuttings in different ways to see what is the best way to clone cannabis plants.


  1. You can make tiny clones faster. Angled cuts are an old wife's tale.
    Na.. Prolly though.
    Most inportant thing is NO light. Warm water, that's oxygenated, or substrate that has oxygen. Again, dark

  2. Very good vid! i actually cloned 2 plants this way because of your video, the one question i have is what was the light cycle you used for those plants? 18/6? i used 24hour light (my stove top light) and it worked but it took awhile i thought. so maybe having a darkness period will help speed things up? i just put a GG4 inside some tap water so im just wondering if i should give it a darkness period? thanks!

  3. If you wanted to clone using cutting you need to cut the big leaves and leave the top leaves . Because the big leaves consume more energy and water for them to grow that's why some of the plants took so long to show roots. I experienced it last time i tried to experiment on cloning

  4. Hmm interesting. I usually just stick straight in some rock wool and never really had an issue. Like ya say, it's pretty hard to kill em, but lately it hasn't been working so well so thought I might try something different. Took 5 clones a couple of weeks ago 2 in rockwool and 3 in potting mix. 1 of the rockwools is going great guns but the rest all look a bit sad. I can understand that the potting mix might not have worked so well as it may be too nutrient rich for young roots but i can't quite understand why one in rockwool goes great and the other not so much when they've had exactly the same conditions, Happened last time too I did 2 in rockwool too. 1 good 1 dead. Not sure why??

  5. Wow and I'm over here stressing a dome for humidity, and not letting the light get to the water lmao. Well thanks man you just made all the other videos I have watched tonight done by growers with tons of experience look silly telling everyone you have to do this and have to do that for it to work. Mad props keep it growin my dude !!!!!!!! Thx again

  6. I have tried to clone plants in water many different times and it never works for me. I've had cuttings sit in tap water for months and nothing, What do you think could be wrong? I've been able to root other plants in our tap water like basil with ease but not cannabis. Could it be a problem with our tap water? I have been able to clone in rockwool and peat pods under a humidity dome with no problem.

  7. How did you light them- artificial, windowsill, etc.?
    What strain are you using?
    Did they come from hydro or soil?
    Did you feed nutes before cloning?
    Sorry if these questions have been answered in other comments.
    I won’t be offended by lack of response, just curious.
    Great video overall!

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