1. I am 13 years old my mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she birthed me. I take care of her with my grandmother and to keep it short I feel like my childhood is being robbed from me.

  2. This video really demonstrates everything that’s wrong with how our society confronts schizophrenia: It consists of a brief, vague description of symptoms… there is essentially no understanding of the causes of these symptoms (besides half-hearted ideas about dopamine)… and we immediately jump to ham-fisted treatments, which of course are largely ineffective or debilitating because they’re attempted without a detailed understanding of the causes they seek to reverse… If any branch of modern medicine can still be said to be brazenly ignoring the Hippocratic oath, it would have to be Psychology.

    However, I think a good way to try to understand some of the causes of schizophrenia is by analyzing dreams. I’d like to tell a story from my own life. So I was lying in bed, and I had stayed up way too late watching T.V. and I wasn’t going to get enough sleep to accomplish everything I wanted to the next day. In the sort of dazed, rambling consciousness of just before falling asleep, I was thinking something like, “Oh, you have such bad habits. What you do is so bad for your body and what’s more you like doing it. You really need to stop smoking crack.”

    Here we observe in the semi-dream state the introduction of a metaphor, something experienced frequently in dreams. Basically, I was feeling unhealthy because of lack of sleep and I accused myself of doing the first and most unhealthy thing I could think of: smoking crack. I think the problem with schizophrenics is that these sorts of metaphorical substitutions are often made even when not in a dream state. So, in the course of everyday conversation, another person will describe something apparently unrelated to the schizophrenic person, but the schizophrenic person will apply it metaphorically to the way that he is feeling and believe with apparent illogic that the person is talking about him.

    Just imagine the schizophrenic person was feeling unhealthy because of lack of sleep the way I was just before falling asleep that night. Except the schizophrenic person is in that semi-dream state even while fully awake. So he overhears someone in public talking about smoking crack and the same way I applied the phrase smoking crack to my sleep-deprivation as a short-hand descriptor of its unhealthiness (because my mind was sort of half-functioning and was too lethargic to describe it more literally) the schizophrenic person will apply the phrase smoking crack spoken by another person as a descriptor of his unhealthy sleep-deprivation. He might then take offense to that person for no apparent reason. If he ends up trying to express this offense, which it will likely be his human instinct to do, he will probably be diagnosed with “scattered thoughts” or whatever pablum this school marm’s video is peddling.

  3. When you're a so called 'normal' person, living with someone who is schizophrenic is really f**ked up. Trying to find help is difficult and expensive. Every treatment center has its own agenda and it's all so expensive and then it doesn't heal or even improve the condition. The electroshock turns them into a vegetable. The anti-psychotics turn them into zombies. Meanwhile, the schizophrenic person is just going crazy on you — hallucinating, hearing voices and doing strange things that put you in danger of the cops getting involved. And in my case the cops did get called and I ended taking the fall for the incident and going to jail. Meanwhile, you can't really just ditch the person because then they are screwed.

    For me the luckiest thing was finding a sort of mental health half-way house in California that charged a $600.00 a month fee to house my girlfriend until she could become a legal California resident and qualify for Medi-Cal insurance and more expensive treatments. I never saw or heard from her again after taking her to California because she didn't even know me anymore. I paid her monthly fees for a year and never heard from her again. I know she's still alive because I check on Google and I can see she's moved here and there around the state.

  4. an uncle of mine has it, he can't do anything himself and lives still with his parents at the age of 42.
    My mom says he started acting weird when he did not pass his 5th year in highschool because that made him very sad.
    But my grandparents lie about him to everyone and say he has a normal life.
    My grandparents secretly want that my parents will take him into our house when they are gone, but we don't want that.
    He acts very weird and has things like haunting madness.

  5. I think I have schizophrenia when I was a kid because
    I get delusional from time time especially at night and other symptoms mentioned in the vid
    But I didn't told anyone but now I'm fine

  6. M married to schprenic wife for 22 yrs not knowing she has it while I was courting her for 4 yrs prior to marriage. Life is nver nver happier as she got split character and m sleeping nxt to her and not knowing what happens next..God protection is on me I suppose.

  7. Survivors of SRA are greater in number than most would imagine! Intergenerational SRA(satanic ritual abuse)is common amongst illuminati bloodline families and their subordinate families! SRA causes multiple personalities and has been around for millenia!

  8. When I was finishing up college i wrote my synopsis on it i suffer from dwarfism so i figured i could use the symptoms backwards to induce it through repeated stresses in a persons environment as a way to get even for being a dwarf my late wife left me as she was keen to men of larger endowment and saw through my narcissistic manipulations, some time has passed and now I focus on frozen hot dogs in Antarctica i don't know if its the shape and size I envy or the fact I gave away so much data doo to proximity .

  9. I had got two meditation schools to break through—- and a person could read Zhuan Falun or attend a Brahma Kumaris class. Medicine created my first ease of mind. But someone with ultimately strict religious beliefs might respond negatively to what I just wrote here. I believe…

  10. I'm a mental health worker and I find it sad that the video like this needs to be made. I don't have a problem with the maker of the video other than the fact that the video makes people with Schizophrenia seem like they are part of a horror movie and increases stigma. I know many people with Schizophrenia and are for the most totally normal as long as they take their meds. All of you run in to people like this in public all the time and you'll never know it.

  11. As someone with schizophrenia, I think these illustrations can create more stigma and are very creepy. I have schizophrenia and there is nothing "creepy" about my symptoms. My voices are warm, my hallucinations are of flowers and nothing is scary. Please stop trying to make us monsters.

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