WHAT IS CANNABIS MICRODOSING? Mandee Lee / Try This / Green Flower

Learn to dial-in your optimal dose. When it comes to cannabis, a little goes a long way and often, less is actually more when achieving the greatest therapeutic …


  1. Best for microdosing in my opinion is a good 50/50 cbd thc oil. I have one with about 5mg of each per ml. I take 0.5ml every 2 hours or so. Feel like I have a nice subtle and most importantly, active high. Love it.

  2. Your so rite. I started smoking half a joint and then I would turn it off. After 10-15 minutes I realized I was just as high as when I smoked a whole joint. And this actually cut the amount of money I spent on cannabis. 👍🏼

  3. Very well said. I have been micro-dosing cannabis from ever before I'd ever heard the term micro-dosing! I had taken nearly a two-year break from consuming cannabis, & decided when getting back into enjoying the cannabinoids again (+ having legalization really break down the science of it) that I didn't want to have much smoke going into my system. So I swapped from thick rolling papers to the thinnest raw hemp papers I could find & measuring out dubs less than .1g ! Sooner or later I dropped smoking altogether, bought myself a nice reliable vaporizer that works well with dry medicinal herbs & still I measure it out each time + with CBD&THC oil tinctures and edibles measured out, cannabis has become something awesome to enjoy: especially Pre WorkOut & before evening yoga classes 😃

  4. For ladies out there… Never wear/use perfume on hands while handling Cannabis,specially HASH . You’ll get an Olympic headache. I lived in Algeciras, ,Tarifa, and Tangier. 15 years roughly.Windsurfing in when a could, some tourist wear perfume . Even men back then.

  5. I keep seeing sites that talk about this but I think it's ridiculous because three and a half months ago I bought the only CBD flower available in this part of Florida, one pre-rolled joint and they have not restocked a replacement.
    I've asked several times several different dispensaries and they all say that no one else has asked for any low THC high CBD weed at all.
    I am the only person that even seems to have asked for it
    so forgive me for pointing out that all of this wonderful information is useless at least here in Florida where we cannot get CBD flower.

  6. yeah you still get the benefits part of the joy is getting me psychoactive effect would you don't get unless you're smoking at least a .5 even if the most lavish stuff currently in existence. I've been to many dispensaries and been in many black markets and microdosing is only possible with the best of the best. Plants that produce a wide range of cannabinoids not just a couple. Which is very rare to begin with. considering only 14 states are medical / recreational.and that's only a 25% progress in the direction you want to be.it seems like no matter how hard we try big pharma and cigarette companies try and push us down. And the government's okay with it because they line pocket.

  7. Microdosing helped immensely my diabetic problems! Using insulin to lower your blood sugar levels has some negative effects, mainly with hormones release as a protective body reaction. Because let's face it, you are introducing artificial chemicals(insulin) to your body, thus lowering blood sugar levels, but at the same time triggering a bunch of hormones impacting your everyday life making you dizzy, nervous etc… I have found small doses of clean cannabis is countering the negative effects and I believe introduces good hormones release and making you happy and healthy again. You don't need to overdo it though. Just small hit when you are feeling bad and restart the system, this maybe could work for other health problems!
    The only problem is I live in a place where cannabis is illegal, which is really a shame…

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