1. I never in my life seen “the guy who sits on the couch 🛋 all day and smoke 💨 “ 🤷🏽‍♂️why we don’t live in a world where people are smarter than stereotypes is beyond me 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. If you work out and smoke it's all good just fight them machines with healthy food I'm 240lbs and I smoke everyday and never get munchies and if I do I never feed them cause I'm not trying to bulk lol

  3. I use marijuana once in a while, but not more than one time each mounth, my experience when i smoke 3-4 times in the same mounth is that i lose my ability to feel happines and motevation when im sober, this usally goes away after 3 weeks whitout smoking.

  4. You're very right Man, I battle with deep anxiety and depression and I can say that I do share some tendencies you shared, thanks for putting this info out there, it's been wicked hard for me to stop but I think it may be a bit easier now knowing what I know

  5. Your perspective is that of someone who has not seen it from a habitual user. Weed only distracts you if you have too much or are new to the experience. It allows you to focus on one thing and effectively shut out what you want. So if you're partying, you'll be overwhelmed by the night. But if you're studying, or doing work you may up production or come town epiphany. When used effectively it's a powerful tool, but people treat it like alcohol or mushrooms, but all three a largely different. I agree, if you want to know about these things research, more than was done here…

  6. First of all, the statistics you show, which is made by "The Lancet" does not regulate to the amount of people taking the drug.

    Besides that: There's something in weed called THC which is causing a hash psychosis. It has been tested directly at people and is the cause of the psychosis. 50 % of the people who the hash psychosis, will later be diagnosed with schizophrenia. At the same time there's something called CBD which blocks the psychosis and help against many mental illnesses.
    Because of the CBD you're right that there's a degree of reverse causality if you just look at how many people who smokes weed and how many of them suffers from schizophrenia, and conclude that weed is the only reason for the schizophrenia.
    But we have been aware of all these effects for a long time, and they are all taken into account. The examination about weed being good against schizophrenia doesn't bring anything new, but it has a very wrong conclusion.

  7. I Have Mental Health Issue's And Weed Actually Helps Me Stay Calm When I Feel Hostile Towards Others, When I Need To Focus, When I Can't Sleep It Helps Me Not Be Up For Days At A Time, Even When I Feel Suicidal It Helps Me Get Back On Track. The Fact Is Weed Has It's Cons I Don't Dispute That But I Feel It Depends On The User. If You Have A Lazy Mindset You Will Be Lazy For Example But I Respect Your Opinion But If You Don't Understand The Struggle I Feel You Shouldn't Speak On It ( Not Towards You I Feel The Video Is Alright For A Guy Who Never Smoked "The Devils Lettuce") I Don't Wanna Take Pills For My Mental Health Problems Too Many Side Effects I Feel More Under Control When I Smoke

  8. A great commentary Chris. Well balanced with research to back-up your point of view – as usual. Good for you on initiating a discussion that we all know is taking place by real people in the real world. MAJORLY disappointed in YouTube's approach.

  9. Do not stop for the street workout I was 14 when I saw your videos impressive shot today thanks to you and your motivation I started street workout, continue your chain is based on that! !

  10. What Chris Nielsen didn't tell you guys:


    The constantly reported association between weed consumption and neurobiological harmful effects.
    These include gray matter density lowering, poorer long-term memory, decrease in IQ, etc.

    Why does Chris choose to omit these many more studies and only present you guys with the one about the particular disease schizophrenia? And also lists articles talking purely about the benefits of weed? That is leading people into thinking that the harmful effects of weed is just that.
    Do you guys think Chris is doing a non-biased presentation of studies and sources to you guys?

    Seek out your medical doctor's advice and prescription before consuming weed.

  11. My opinion doesn't count because i cbf looking for qualitative and quantitative research and formulating a opinion of high standard but one thing i know is marijuana made my poo hard.

  12. I do calisthenics, as you did or maybe do and have had some experiences with cannabis. I only have ever smoked weed 4 – 5 times in my life, and when it came to working out after doing it feels painless, like if you had recovered completely from training. Also I like freestyling, so when I try some new trick I feel fearless. I am not a regular smoker, just wanted to test and confirme all the stuffs that people say about weed and how "bad" truly it is for health. Keep on doing videos bruh, I have been subscribed from you AeStHeTiC period 😉

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