1. Fuck oath my Chinese brother in a different country ahhah hotbox a fat bowl no room for air, just small room to get high wid fuck yeah but looked like 10 g bowl or less aye but much love Jackey kingcookie will never forget you commented on my video and I forever love ya because I watch you and you watch me it's werid but being Canton and both stoners I just love that kind of shit accept you be smoking crazy I smoke 1-1.2 a day of bud no where even near wax haha but jackey420 hope you are having a ok time with this covid hope U still got that amount of weed before covid started hahah I remember you had lots but anyway talk to you soon and hope you can make it as a YouTube stoner or soon or later someone known too everyone because your fucking crazy and awesome and I love people who can smoke me out any 我的名字是年轻的沙洛姆 自从我小抽烟以来,Jackey420便会说很多这样的话,因为我从一开始就喜欢您的视频

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