1. Thirty years ago,I witnessed my friend's wife use it when she went through her premenopausal fits or should say bluntly,a bitch.Twenty minutes after she inserted the tampon, she was on cloud nine and felt just great.

  2. Thanks for the information, tried that Weed Lube couple of months ago, didn't really buy one but made one and worked out well. The good feeling stayed for very long time, even up to the next evening before disappearing. Nonetheless, I can't wait to try that again, thanks for the information. Works for both men and women, but better for men (I guess).

  3. yeah topical cannabis lube will just make it feel better, that's all. you cannot get high from topicals, and FYI weed is not supposed to only always make you feel good.. Its a pathogen and a potent medicine. It makes you aware of the things you might be doing that are making you feel bad or make you aware of parts of your life that are unhealthy.

  4. You know how much I love this!!! "my pussy didn't get the munchies" haha. In my experience when my partner goes down on me with it he gets a tingly body high! I know Andrew isn't wanting to experience cannabis like that but that is an added bonus!

  5. omg. its def because of the lube. u had the energy idea from the lube. Jesus. lamest video ever. u obviously refuse to say the lube was the reason. epic fail. u should take this video down. if i was foria, i would be mad at you guys. im never watching ur channel again

  6. I had an out of body experience while having sex after eating a super mild “special” cookie once. I remember every second of it and it’s in my top 5 of most profound spiritual experiences of my life.

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