In today’s video, we take a look at 12 ASX Penny Stocks in the Cannabis Industry to determine whether there are good buying opportunities for 2021 or if the …


  1. When do you think the Cannabis Industry in Australia will pump again?

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  2. Great video, sounds like an industry where both fundamentals and technicals need to be considered at this stage with all the changes happening in the world. I'm following ZLD Zelira Therapeutics as I like how they will create passive income licensing their formulations to treat pain, autism symptoms, insomnia etc. Long term watch

  3. So you know nothing about the stock and you make judgements on a stock. ZLD is mainly a US business but you know nothing about that. You go sell your course exactly like those spruikers in real estate. Or course providers to sell on Amazon. Now we know what your really about.

  4. You trading on chart's. A lot of manipulation goes on with Robin hood and big day trader's. Your entitled to your opinion. It's a new industry. Only just legal . Growth in this market is going to be huge. It is a risk worth taking if you find the right company

  5. A question from a beginner:
    I have seen you only use support/resistance, volume, and fibonacci for your analysis. Is technical analysis enough and strong to be done merely using them? Or we should look for more creteria as well?

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