Wake & Bake America 677 Big Tobacco, No Alcohol Is Safe, & Cops & CBD

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  1. That's where I've been trying to do for years at first people to come to my house and see 5 to 10 smaller plants in my yard they used to think I was crazy but I told them watch this will be normal at one point in time now is right I have an 83 year-old neighbor that likes to come over just to look at them

  2. Scotty alcohol consumption deaths have nothing on combustible tobacco related deaths. 480,000 people annually in the U.S. alone die from smoking related illnesses. That's why I promote vaping so hard. According to the royal college of physicians, vaping is 95% less harmful for you. There's no combustion going on in vaping. It's just vegetable glycerine, Propalyn glycol, some nicotine which is no worse than caffine on its own. And whatever flavor concentrate. Could even use terps. It's heated until it steams. That's it!

  3. Heyy fellas i got a grow question for ya – first off just want to say I've been listening for about 2 years and growing for about 2 years but as you can see by my question I still suck LOL. You see I know that they say to flush the last week or two weeks to get the nutes/nitrogen out of there, well I was a lazy idiot and thought it was flushing completely and but wasn't flushing nearly enough and would always Harvest stuff that was way too green and even when I cured it I could taste the chlorophyll so much . It was unsmokable so I water cured it and decarbed and I'm going to use it for edibles but actually want to smoke my stuff obviously. I use 5 gallon buckets so how much water would I need per flush and how many times would I flush in a two week time span? Please go into detail (I want to get that dude grows yellowed out great tasting bud at the end )thank you for all you do guys everyone appreciates it more than you know 🙂

  4. Although I haven't had any MAJOR encounters with the police over the decades, I agree that power will always corrupt. Where I grew up in Central FL the county sheriff is power mad…in an Arizona desert kinda way

  5. All the cop bashing is not cool. I know I'm gonna get somw thumbs down or flack for this. But not ALL cops are dicks….
    I have more then one family member whos a cop. I live in a small town and the cops for the most part are cool.
    Now there are 2 kinds of cops.
    The badge balls pussy who thinks his gun and badge make him 10' tall and bullet proof. Those pussies think theyre cops 24/7.
    The other kinda cop is the guys who JUST sees it as a job like anyone else. They do their job at wirk but when they're off. They're just normal folks who do normal shit and dont see themselves as judge, jurrey and executioner.
    Hell I build fast cars and race some of the cops in town! Lol

  6. Good morning guys had fun this episode. Magical butter has the a recipe that works good. Just got to follow the directions right. Cops suck and they dont deserve to consume cannabis. They fuvked up to many ppls lives and now they want to use it like the ppl they fuvked like kicking in the door and killed the dog or a child. Sorry for the bad words but i been arrested for cannabis too many times. When ever i got arrested it was under a oz, so i hate them.burn in hell.o

  7. Sorry but I have NEVER met a good cop. The fact that I have had a couple decades of my life stolen from me for minding my own business and having a plant in my pocket is disgusting and unforgivable. Cops blow by me all the time, exceeding the speed limit and he is the same asshole who will ull me over, harass and terrorize me for going a couple miles over the speed limit. Cops show up after the crime has been done and serve no good purpose other than to force their authority and their power over you. You mentioned pigs and my PTSD kicked in and I had to write this. "I don't make the laws, I just enforce them" is a BS line they tell themselves so they can sleep at night. Who is more culpable? The guy who says go shoot that dude or the guy who pulls the trigger? The Nazi's were just following orders too. ALL COPS SUCK!!!

  8. What s up crew? Other than me! Thanks a lot in advance. Looking for a Auto recommendation Guru mentioned in one show not to long ago ,months not years ago.

    Looking for any genetic suggestions in the Autos realm. Looking to do a 2’-4’ h range s.o.g.

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