1. Roll a j with her ass? #WifeGoals As for the dog story, my dog was almost full grown when she ate an entire batch of brownies that i had put about 1oz of reggie into, after i learned that the chocolate wasn't enough to hurt her, we spent the next 24 hours with her groaning, laying half way on and off the couch, and generally just spacing the fuck out while i freaked out. She is great now though growing to a great ol' lady who takes care of me more than i could ever hope for from a dog.

  2. As for your audio, I would expect it has to do with your proximity and the number of jumps you have, id do a local mic test to recording on your pc to know how your mic is sounding, perhaps some sound dampening in the room you are in, roof, floor, and walls, hard with that green screen behind ya but the deader your room the better the mic will hear you, From there, you are remote with an internet jump, check that software you are using to send your audio and video to who ever is compiling the 3 audio streams and 2 video streams. Perhaps bandwidth issues/ encoding setting or the fact that your using too many jumps. I would expect it has something to do with the senders gear/ camera and audio processor on that camera digitizing it to the pc to be sent over internet, maybe get a pro mic like most podcasts have to invest in along with sound isolation stand so the mic can be more sensitive without worrying as much about ambient vibrations

  3. You guys are going to get people in serious trouble. Growing CBD is NOT legal in most states!!!
    BTW episode #666 should be executively produced by the devil him self Jeff "Sesh"in

  4. Damn. They got smart pot too. Good job fox farm, I'm with it. Let's make it well known What companies are affiliated with Monsanto. Should be an easy boycott when all you really need is the recharge.

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