1. A guy who sells food infront of my office is poor guy. Not caring about nutrients, fiber, whatever. He eats only for him to keep living. No salmon, no salad, no probiotic, no fruits, no milk and no meat at all. He just standing there under the sun, no mask, no hand sanitizer, no sunscreen whatsoever and surrounded by bunch of people buying his food. And even covid 19 cannot touch him. How do i know? Because he is always there selling his food every single day. There is no day that he doesnt sell his food. I guess maybe the sun is enough for him 🙂

  2. The regulatory T cells are the bad gut flora busters, and these nice guy at cells love vitamin D. That YouTube holds you hostage to their agendas and their lack of scientific understanding is despicable and on,y reminds me of Goebels.

  3. Where we're at WE NEVER HAD A LOCKDOWN.
    Why? We live in the small island of Saipan in the Pacific, a US territory with about 53k population and people here LOVE BEING under the sun 🌞. The people started sun bathing more in beaches, parks or just anywhere at the beginning of the pandemic. The result? Only 2 covid-19 deaths reported which you couldn't actually attribute to covid because one was a dialysis patient and the other a man in his 60's with heart and hypertension issues. See how much freedom we have here as we enjoy the beach and other activities https://youtu.be/VbAAKtLyXd8

  4. Would you be able to explain how fasting can affect your thyroid function? I'm a huge fan of fasting but my thyroid is also not functioning properly (hypo) and I want to get it to work better on its own and googling fasting with hypo it says that it can make it worse. I also have gut issues and want to fast to help with that (as well as maintain a healthy weight) so what should I do?

  5. I've been taking 10 000 IU for 17 years and been over the various UL for 20 years. I simply don't get sick. My serum calcium is mid-range. That said I limit cheese intake and don't take a calcium supplement and try to target my calcium intake around 800 milligrams per day. I do take a magnesium glycinate supplement and a mixed form vitamin K2 supplement both long and short side chains. Along with many other things.
    6000 IU wasn't enough for me, to prevent seasonal illnesses. When I determined the dose, my BMI was higher.
    Currently my BMI is about 25 but I have a fairly high muscle mass so in effect my BMI is functional lower. My waist to buttock ratio is 0.9 which is good.
    I do on occasion bump the dose to 15000 per day, if I've been heavily exposed or wonder if something is going on.

  6. Love this, except that one pretend cluelessness moment

    That Gominack interview was what brought me to this channel years ago. I still reference it once a year lol

  7. In the winter months where you live below the 30 degree parallel I suggest using a tanning bed that has 100 watt low pressure UVB bulbs for two 6 minute sessions per week. This will help your body produce up to 20k ius of vitamin d per week. Best way to increase you vitamin D numbers. Ask your tanning salon what bulbs they use in some of their beds. RESPONSIBLE tanning is needed.
    Doctors and people like Mike can’t talk about tanning beds or the American Dermatology Society would go after him and get him banned. It’s the same over the years those who said don’t eat fat. They say don’t use tanning beds. Do your research and use low pressure 100 watts bulbs. Don’t tan. Just get slightly pink. Best way to increase your vitamin D .
    Mike just mentioned Dr Michael Holick. The above tanning reco is right from Holick’s book. He is the leader in vitamin D science. Read his book.

  8. I was slightly borderline taking 8000 so I bumped up to 10,000. Testing is important. You would think I would have been at a high level at 8,000. I was at a decent level but imo not high enough for the c word.

  9. I have heard that people CANNOT synthesize vitamin D from the sun when the sun is below 50 degrees from the horizon. An easy way to estimate this is when your shadow is shorter than you are you CAN synthesize vitamin D. This seems to be a better way of describing the situation than comparing latitude with Atlanta and ignoring variations throughout the year and the day.

  10. At 3:40 he says if you live south of Atlanta Georgia, then at 4:10 he says if you live north of Atlanta Georgia you won't get enough vitamin D from the sun. I'm pretty sure he meant to say north both times. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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