Use Cannabis to Lose Weight

Is it possible to LOSE weight while using cannabis? You betcha! In this video, I outline the research behind cannabis for weight loss as well as give you some …


  1. this is definitely a real thing. this is good for people who use food for most their dopamine source,

    its almost like you substitute more feeding sessions for smoke sesh, because the reward hits your brain similarly. enough of those tradeoffs throughout your days you will notice the difference in your appearance.

    and thats not to mention the stress relief too!

  2. I can say from my own personal experience weed really does help weight loss. At first it made me hungry but once I started smoking it everyday my hunger left and I had to literally be told to eat because I did not feel hungry at all. This also happened to a lot of other people I know, who used to be obese but once they started smoking regularly they shed so much weight.

  3. I’ve lost weight since I start using daily. It also happened at a time in my life when I got happier so the weight was getting off not only from weed. But I can say that weed would shut down my appetite. I think it was from being more calm and less stress in my day to day life.

  4. I thought I knew a lot about cannabis (user since '69), but I have learned so much from your vids. I am proof that CBD helps weight loss. Last August, I joined WW and was losing, but very slowly. A couple months later I read an article connecting CBD with weight loss, and since I was already considering CBD for pain, I got my MMj (medical marijuana) card. I got fantastic pain relief the first time I used it but did not realize the weight loss for a couple more weeks. I was now losing between 1.5-2 lbs a week and craving celery, carrots, hummus, greek yogurt and berries. It still took me another month and reading another study, before I fully accepted that CBD was not only responsible for the loss but so much more. I think that I had been under light depression for years but did not realize it until I felt so much happier after MMj. So much happier that I began to exercise (walking, bike riding) and then I became giddy happy. I take "ratio" CBD/THC tinctures twice a day and am weaning off my very last prescription medicine (blood pressure). Long gone are the pain meds — thank God. Good grief I did not intend to write this much, but you inspire me with your intelligent discussions and solid research. Thank you for helping tell the world the true miracles of this plant.

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