USDA Hemp Memo – Cannabis Legalization News – May 28, 2019

The USDA issued a memo on Hemp; Arizona handed down a supreme court case on medical marijuana; Illinois vote is drawing near & more cannabis news for …


  1. The agricultural farm act made it last week so I could fly with over a zip of concentrates state to state as tsa is told to leave weed alone due to the fact they can't test percents on spot and is therefore a waste of time and as far as the usps I tend to make em my bitch as well no one can tell the different lol

  2. 4:35 Agreed Miguel! Definitely the gateway to Marijuana Legalization. Hell it's ultimately the biggest brightest sparkly gateway to shine the most light on all the years of Federal Hypocrisy, Propaganda, lies, corruption, brainwashing. Our Planet is dying fast and the people living on it are dying even faster. Our Governments unjustifiable Cannabis Prohibition undoubtedly put us here. Money, Power, and Greed have destroyed us! Hemp and Cannabis are the only things that are going to save us and our planet now. (what's left of it anyway) GOOD GAWD if that's not enough to shake some living sense into people, I don't know what is.

    Hemps legalization is 'We the Peoples' beautiful gateway to Freedom! …Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. ~The End~

  3. "Fuck it Going live!" Lol Perfect intro! Got me all excited Miguel! Felt like I should put my seatbelt on! .In my office it has one.. smh.🤷‍♀️ ..should have one considering the number of times I have fallen out of it! ~1st comment .o4 seconds in (Jack Herer in my veins..I may need my own thread here)😜🙃

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