1. My sf 1000 is 8” from main cola
    Or 10-12” from canopy and I’m not getting any heat stress or burn like this. As the heat dispersion at 8” isn’t all that hot. I don’t think it light originated it’s a genetic problem or at the soil ph/nute etc. although yours tops do look stressed & burn 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. How many autos are you growing with the 1000 I have a 4 by 4 with the SF 1000 this will be my first grow ever but I feel like the 2000 would be better but if the 1000 can grow 3 or 4 I'll be happy with that for now

  3. What size tent? Those two lights are rocking it I was looking into getting a sf 1000 to replace the 400watt mh/hps that sits along side my viparspectra 600 eventually want to get the sf 4000

  4. Old news to u probably but if was me id dim my light not move it… flush my soil… check ppm and ph of run off water at end of flush… and are you using tap water? Are you dechlorinizing it if u are? Are u using nutrients or organic feed like a dry amendment?… alot of things need to be known before sum 1 can honestly help you

  5. Keep in mind that the sf1000 light is very powerful for its size. Other lights like CFL bulbs can be kept mere inches away while hps depending on the size of the bulb should be kept farther away e.g 14- 18 inch 400w hps. However the sf1000 is on another level in terms of efficiancy which makes the light it produces that much more powerful. The plants love it but this means that it needs to be kept farther away to avoid light burn. keep it around 16-18 inches. Also get as some Cal Mag! Tl:dr Light burn and lack of calcium (+mag). Early yellowing of leaves in flower indicate a little shortage of Nitrogen, nothing to panic about, just keep the grow nutrients coming as you increase the bloom. taper off the grow towards in the later stages of flower. Your next grow will kick ass!!

  6. I have 2 sf1000 just starting first grow noticing they give off heat close to the light source. Open up more ventalation because your tent is small I'm growing in a 4×4 with two lights using a CO2 bag with lots of vent. No burning on top growth~

  7. Hard to say without knowing your soil and what ph your using what the problems are. Usually leaf's taco when there is light stress but I guess if they're burnt they can bend upwards as well. To find out whats really going on you'd definitely want to ph your water and check the ph and than check the run off ph as well as the ppm run. ✌

  8. Good luck to you and don't get discouraged! I've found that growing a good auto is tougher than photo periods,so hang in there. I'm sure you've already learned a lot in your short time growing.

  9. Hmmm, growboss says set em high as you can and leave em for good led lights. I don’t know from experience, but your plants look to be hungry or nutrient burn. I will just stick to Mantis straight through till harvest, it’s buffered. I use the Migro 600’s in a 5×5 with coco pebbles and am gonna try the 30+ cup champ 11 Roses indica cannabis, the plants will be short, 55 days and THC is 26%(it’s mother is the champ a black sugar, I think). Also Mantis lets you skip flush so your two weeks ahead for finishing and you only feed in the last 6th or so week.

  10. I definitely agree with the flushing! I'd flush it and wait it out for a few days to see what they do. It looks like a calcium-magnesium deficiency to ME. I'd check out some Cal-Mag supplement. Either way I've seen it bounce back from much, much worst. You got this👌

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