1. This video may seem silly especially for those who are currently smokers. However, when I started smoking dabs I went manic and ended up being institutionalized three times. It really sucked. I had smoked “flowers” like Green Crack and such for over a decade before that and thought smoking weed would just be something I always did. Now, in my thirties I still deal with my bi polar by taking meds since once you have a psychotic break there’s really never going back to not being on meds. Before all this I went to work and went home and smoked. All my other friends have either quit smoking weed and those who still do are hermits and complete losers. Thanks.

  2. It is true. oml I tried so hard to find videos on YouTube telling the truth about weed. seriously all other videos promote marijuana even though their points are mainly only beneficial for medical use not consistent use which is what everyone wanted to hear… that weed isn't harmful for you that its not addicting some will use words like dependence instead but its the same thing. YouTube made me get an account so I could confirm my age in order to watch this which I think is ridiculous. this is an educational video based on real life experiences it shouldn't be kept from our youth it should be shown in schools. people say you cant get addicted to marijuana so fast and defensively but truth is you can get addicted to anything prime example is phones. even that dude in the video he got in a car accicent due to weed and his very first thought when he almost fricken died was where my bag of marijuana… that is so sad and true and more people need to wake up before it takes over peoples lives… you shouldn't Need anything in life to be happy that isn't a life at all.

  3. To be fair weed is a gateway drug Bc it’s illegal, scenario is like this I smoke weed for like a year get bored bc I don’t get high off it anymore my plug sells lean and coke, “well I’m already breaking law so it doesn’t matter” and that’s how it’s a gateway not bc when you smoke weed you start fiendin for heroin not how it works it’s bc of the illegal activity you’ve introduced yourself to

  4. Hey yall little potheads in this com section and children…if you have started with this shit,quit it right NOW,if you havent started yet with this shit,then good for you,and you better not start,I beg not to,cause the shit they say in this video..is real man.I know yall lil potheads,tryna protect weed and shit,I know you,cause I was part of that community as well,and you know what,you ruin people,telling them "Oh man it is just pot,its harmless,dont worry about",now fuck that BS,this is not the fuckin truth,but the truth is,weed is VERY VERY VERY fuckin bad for you,and I say it because of my experience with it,not cause im a simple hater or something,I said cause I wanna SAVE people,yeah thaths right,SAVE people,because this shit KILLLLLLS YOU,IT KILLS YOU,YOUR BRAINCELLS,YOUR LIFE,YOUR EMOTIONS,YOUR HAPPINESS,YOUR SCHOOL,YOUR JOB,YOUR FAMILY,YOUR SENSE,YOUR PERSONALITY,YOUR PERCEPTION,IT KILLS YOUR TIME REACTION,IT MAKES YOUR MIND WORK SLOWER,AND OH YEAH IT IS A GATEWAY DRUG,AS WELL,WHICH THE FUCKIN TRUTH,AND OH YEAH,IT CAN KILL YOUR FREEDOM!So lemme ask yall man,lemme ask you…is it worth it?is it fuckin worth it,huh?Destroying your life and everything in it for..what,a bit of pot and that dumb ass shit feeling you get from it?Well it.aint WORTH it,so just please STOP,dont let this shit have power you man,and I know how hard it is man,but you must be strong,and defeat the weed,by not commiting any of your time or money to it,and by not using in any way or manner…you gotta do that or it is gonna do.YOU,trust me on this shit man,you might not realise it yet,but this has great over you,and your life..just trust on those words man,and QUIT QUIT QUIT,while still can,please so "Dont do drugs,stay in school,there are better things out to do",please everybody,realiss the fuckin truth once and for all…Weed is not harmless,it is addictive,life-destroying and.time consuming,gateway drug..and thing about weed,and why it is most dangerous drug is because,people,those dumb pieces of shit,actually do think weed is "harmless",I mean cmon..dont be a dumb piece of shit,dont let those lil stoner crews,fool into thinking weed is okay,cause IT IS NOT OKAY,IT IS THE DEVILS LETTUCE FOR REAL,because first is seduces you with its "harmless" and being part kf nature and shit and then..then my friend,it starts to slowly,but surely ruin your life kill your MIND and feel of sense,and even fuckin happines,and emotion,over all..it literary turns into a robot,whichs only purpose and task Is to smoke weed,and destroy itself,from the inside out…so please,if you.dont wanna be such a robot,just dont smoke weed EVER,or if you smoke,QUIT it,while you still can

  5. This video doesn't talk about prohibition. It alerts people to the dangers of a drug that is being actively promoted on television, in movies, in the media in general and now in the law. It's too bad we don't have as many anti pot commercials on TV as we have anti smoking commercials. The fact is, getting high is okay with many who are opinion leaders of our society. Go ahead, smoke as much dope as you like. But everybody should know how dangerous this drug is, and that there are consequences to making that  choice.

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