Transplanting Autoflower Cannabis Plants! Should You Do It Or Not?

In this video I transplant an autoflower cannabis plant. I talk about why some growers are for transplanting autoflowers and why some growers are against it.


  1. What up Chris?! Good tips on on transplant, I like you use the water to help stick the microbes 🤙
    I transplanted my first auto(and first grow) I started oct24 from a plastic 5gal bucket with Walmart promix to a fabric 7gallon with ocean forest, and my auto went from looking weak and sick to blowing up and now is making nice trichomes

  2. Hey Chris great vids! This my first time trying autos. I have a light that has a switch for veg and another for flower. I’m curious to know your thoughts where I should have these set at for autos since they flower when they want to. They’re 3 weeks old and about 4” tall.

  3. Hi Chris I know this has nothing to with this video but can you help me. How do you fix overwatered seedlings? I've had no new growth now for 2 weeks or more and some of the leaves turned yellow and died. Will they recover from this or shall I just rip them out and buy some more? I'm new to all this and I've made a massive school boy error

  4. I am an organic grower too Chris and i transplant to feed before flower. So typically I go from solo cup to one or 2 gallon to the final flower pot at 5 gallons. it just makes feeding easier. I've transplanted autos before , but it is not my preference if I have the space to work with. Even my clones get at least 2 transplants if not more

  5. It's not highly debated anymore my friend . Autoflowers are awesome now . If you have got longer veg with them which won't be FastBuds then you are good to top, supercropp and transplant . Cheers

  6. Hi Mr. Grow. What do you use on the roots when you transplant? I couldn't understand what you said it was. My first 3 grows autoflowers were transplanted 1 time. They did great for all the mistakes I made. Thanks I've watched all your videos. We all want to see our buds looking like yours.

  7. To be totally honest I treat autos just as I do my photoperiods, as far as training goes. I like the three pot method you have going on there I'll have to do a comparison of – seed planted directly into the end pot, 1with one transplant, and another with 2 transplants.
    I have the time on my hands so….

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