Top Cannabis Companies! New COVID Strain and Predictions on Cannabis Stocks!

Subscribe! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I talk about the new COVID-19 strain from UK, TOP cannabis …


  1. Great Video, Have you checked out Allystock? Because I prefer to buy these shares from companies that have expert systems or bots to trade these stocks as they seem to always be prone to volatility even with the laws.. like Allystock , they’ve been handling all my trading on these stocks . Bought a sum , worth of cannabis stocks into my allystock account and i’ve been shoveling up quite enough from there on a weekly basis

  2. Man, when you said "new strain" I was so excited. and then you said "of Covid-19". Bro, don't do me like that. With regard to cannabis stocks, my strategy is pretty simple. I have robinhood. I invest a steady amount every week. I diversify my portfolio across all the offerings. if something goes up a lot in a short period, I'll sell a portion and buy shares of something that looks "low". In 2021 I'm going to start getting into the American market as well.

  3. Great info Gibs.can u give us a update about LHS please. Ayr Strategies to Buy Liberty Health Sciences for $290 Million in Stock and to Enter New Jersey with $101 Million Garden State Dispensary Acquisition

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