These are the Most Hyped Cannabis Brands You Should Know About | The Hit List

Is designer weed really worth all the hype? Depends on who you ask. In this episode of the Hit List, Willy Christie, a cannabis consultant at the Pottery …


  1. Man the packaging of US weed is so bomb, in Canada it can’t have any designs on it or anything and everything looks the same with the exception of the growers tiny logo on the side LAME

  2. “Tight weed” who gives a fuck. If you place your own value as a person based on how someone advertised something to you you’re a fuckin idiot. Good weed is good weed don’t need to pay ridiculous prices advertising is a disease it has zero to do with just making a brand more popular idiot it has to do with manufacturing a need and selling more. In a planned economy you wouldn’t need to manipulate people unconsciously and use dumb packaging

  3. Cool, let's abuse the culture to make a quick buck and sell packaging instead of quality bud. Who knew "weed' was so commercial and consumerist. Ha, what a joke. instead of focusing on how to help the world understand the plant, help reduce the negative stigma, help fight the unjust laws surrounding the legality of the plant, you do THIS. All those people in jail over a joint or less than an 1/8th are SO happy you're doing this, helping the future generation from being incarcerated. But wait. You don't worry, because we all know who abuses the cannabis community and makes money off of it and who gets jailed and grouped as drug dealers…..

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