The Untold Truth Of Cheech & Chong

Raunchy and irreverent, Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong captured the spirit of the 70s counterculture with an authenticity that couldn’t be denied.


  1. Anyone else remember their sketch in an otherwise forgettable movie called 'Boob Tube', from about 1971 or 72? I only saw it once, but have never forgotten that chicken skeleton on the table … found it freakin' hilarious at the time …..

  2. Don't Comment Much, But That Was A Fast Paced, & Well Crafted Spot On Comedies Must Successful Duo, & You Had Info That I'd Never Been Aware Of, So Great Job, You Kick Ass, & We'll Keep Our Antenna On For Your Short Doc's.! Thanks, & "Keep On Smokin' ".! "Mick 'O~> <xXx> MU$iC"

  3. I had heard the album and then went to the movie. The first thing that caught my attention was the music! With War pounding out that bass drum in stereo and then of course the famous hitch hiking scene where they wind up parked on a median. Still have their album with the giant rolling paper! Pretty much all of their Lps. Can you imagine these artistes (  George Harrison, Billy Preston, Tom Scott, Klaus Voormann and Carole King) recording with C & C? All on Basket ball Jones! My God what a time!

  4. I did watch a little bit of this it was pure stress…I had to family to speak of…no family life ? No children..( that they know Of)…The secret to happiness in this life is a family…if you don't have that…you have nothing…Treasures in this life isn't fame or money…just ask many of the Hollywood scum who have been executed for drinking Adrenachrone…

  5. The next movie was the best seen shit load of times even my daughter liked it I also drive a thunderbird up in smoke was really good they were good on south park too

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