The State of Cannabis Legalization in 2016 – Interview w/ Rick Thompson – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

We discuss the current state of Cannabis legalization with longtime Cannabis advocate, Rick Thompson. Rick Thompson is a Cannabis media specialist who …


  1. Awesome interview trey….. very appreciated for rick to inform us on his experience with the cannabis industry…will be tuning in to his radio show for more information. …great job guys….

  2. I find it interesting that Obama didn't change the schedule for this plant. I also find it interesting to live and watch the show in CO. One doesn't have to be in person to scream, phones work well. I have also questioned the drugpolicydot org site about the UN flag flying on it, down now as I guess they didn't think anyone would know what the UN stands for. He was so chatty until I asked about it, then he had to go to a UN meeting! If the UN is involved, that is not good for anyone.
    Denver petitioned to smoke in public, guess the homeless don't have a house to smoke in. What a joke all of Denver area is now.

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