1. Medicinal alcohol? No. Medicinal Tobacco? No. Medicinal Marijuana? Yes. Medicinal and illegal on a federal level? Please such bullshit Legalize it. Booze tastes like shit thats why its not in foods otherwise it would be just like edibles. Typical sellout government with heads up each others asses.

  2. I'd say that report was 50 50 half true half horseshit I think it should be just like alcohol under 21 you can't use Yes they will get it just like beer. But the CBD stuff that has 1% THC or less should be 100% legal in the world. Yes that means the special plants that are used in the high CBD stuff is 100% legal. Now for that that has high THC well that can be very dangerous but when 1 joint lasts a month aka one puff a day? That's different some people shouldn't try it at all just like most should not drink. If it was legal to grow in Texas I would grow high CBD stuff in super clean greenhouse and if I'm lucky the stuff I make can go to cancer patients hiv ptsd concussions seizures joint pain RA I'm sure there's about a bunch more it could do good for but the big money in pharmacy wouldn't want that I'm not even Gona start on the tax side which gov will abuse that billions on top on billions that would make

  3. this is a half truth. if ur going to report a story, report the whole thing. most substances have some kind of effects on developing brains, thats why age restrictions have been imposed on may things. studies have also shown that marijuana with lower levels of THC have higher levels of CBDs (a natural antipsychotic). try reporting a story honestly, without spinning it to fit some agenda. show a little integrity

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