1. UK Star dawg seems to kill my throat and cough every draw till I get the spittal up and its all because they ain't drying or flushing properly.or maybe its something they use to gain bud weight and I seem to smell sulfur from it too,,anyone really know why sdawg is like this?

  2. i can taste nasty neem oil in all my smoke always! i never use neem in flower only veg growth early stages and still taste it! it tastes like neem oil smells hay or straw chemcal taste i dont know how people spray buds with it!

  3. A lot of peeps use plastic but I prefer glass jars for taste. Tried plastic didnt like it. I have a buddy who uses large plastic pails and vacuume the air out. This is due to the mass quantities he grows I’m just a cpl small tent ⛺️ grower loL nice video like and subbed 😎✌️

  4. What does it mean when it smells kind of good, but there’s like a couple big pieces of leaves on the buds? Does it mean it just won’t cured enough? Or trimmed? Does that mean the weed is not loud? Lmao I’m very picky with my weed.. it’s so hard to find good loud where I live smh or maybe I just don’t know the right people it’s stressful

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