1. Go ahead and smoke this s*** heavily for a long period of time and then have it taken away from you for whatever reason that's when the trouble begins dude freakazoids

  2. I use this medicine for helping me with sleep, and pain after multiple brain surgeries, and while very helpful, it is also very expensive, and each time I go to a dispensary to purchase more medication, it virtually empties my wallet, so, unless you have cash to burn, or really need it, and therefore, money isn’t an issue, steer clear, but otherwise, these are a great alternative to other pain medications such as oral opioids that can, and do mess with your body.

  3. i used weed to relax after a stressful day, I was able to give that up in a heartbeat, but the cigarettes i use to get away from work for a few minutes, and the alcohol i currently use to relax after a hard day are so much worse. Ya I feel relaxed after a glass of whisky and a cigarette, but the next morning I feel like shit, and no matter what, I cant seam to kick the tobacco. If i could go back to what I use to do I would be much happier and energetic. I gave up pot due to the fact that I currently hold an in-active cdl (punishments can be much worse) and because of my job (drug testing should go to blood tests rather than urine). I love my new job, but I got it because I was fast and thorough with my work (very analytical). but now, on this diet of tobacco and alcohol I am worn out and drowsy all the time. just my personal experiences. legalize and let people enjoy their constitutional freedoms, blood test for work to find if the person was influenced at work instead of a month prior.

  4. Yes- I do think it should be legal – and BTW- mariquana is a made up name – it's just cannabis – it's natural – God giving – and we have Cannabinoids pathways in our brains which means – we actually need it!!

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