Tales Of A Doper 7.5 | 100% Organic No-Till Garden (NO Bottled Nutrients!)

In this episode of Tales of a Doper we find out how you can reuse your soil naturally and remain 100% Organic by doing it. Proof that you can still grow by not …


  1. Does anyone know if I can make a compost tea with seaweed? Like if I wash the salt out, add sugar in and let it sit for a week or two. Will the liquid that makes have beneficial microbes in it and be okay for a plant?

  2. Shout out to all the weed nerds love my aloe vera, sst, my own worm castings, my own sourced kelp, Lactobacillus serum, fermented plant juices, other dry amenments like alfalfa bat guanos, rock dust, free manure like horse and cow cover crops, i can go on and own keep it natural stay clear of the bottle crap 100% not organic even if it says it's not dont support synthetic nutrients that pollute the environment add to green house gasses and does God knows what when you ingest it. Peace.

  3. It's funny when people grow indoors and say it's a hundred percent organic the only thing organic about that situation is the soil. Every other aspect of indoor growing is a detriment to the Earth regardless of what kind of nutrients you use

  4. Hello guys im really fascinated by your work! Keep it up 👍 but what makes the 36:54 fertilizers organic (kelp meal and alfalfa meal). Its not critique im just really curious. I wish the Netherlands kept up with you guys! Back in the day the Dutch people where pioniers with cannabis. But the big Pharma keeps supressing it.. Your type of growing is next level dude! Much love from Holland ❤️

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