Strain Battle – Green Crack – Osage Creek Vs Bold Cultivation – Arkansas Medical Marijuana

In this video, we compare 2 Different Cultivators grow of Green Crack, Medical Marijuana In Arkansas. *Nothing for Sale* *Educational Purposes* *Content for …


  1. Haven't had the osage green crack, except the live resin currently, that i bought along side the green crack bud from bold.. The majority of my green crack was larger nugs, hit like rocks in a jar. Fantastic green crack smell and taste. I stay away from pre-packs and am not too shy to request the nice looking product for what i'm paying. The Osage green crack live resin is the best consistency they have achieved so far! and its a great stone.

  2. Inb4 shill.

    Thanks for your coverage pandaman. Your coverage made me give osage a second chance recently and boy am I glad I did. I understand sometimes theres seeds…and leaves…and the trim might not always be great. But fuck me if lately some osage products dont knock even nsm's out of the park. A lower thc green crack from osage, for me at least beat the hell out of a few different high thc nsm products.

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