Steve-O: Johnny Knoxville’s drug intervention

Steve-O recounts a low point in his drug addiction and the mass email that led “Jackass” co-star Johnny Knoxville to stage an intervention. Plus: stories from his …


  1. #steveo I’ve already messaged you on you tube but watching this video resonates with me so much. I’ve been in the hopeless bottom of the fucking barrel for a few years now. After finding my friend dead from a cocaine/ fentanyl over dose I’m consistently thinking about getting sober also. And when I say I’m lower than low thats true, but I’m also so ridiculously good at being a functional fucked up person. I don’t really know how that works but I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to betray my friends memory by dying in the same way. I want this to be my wake up moment. I want to live the best fucking life. Can you help me?

  2. I wonder if that book was the big one…🙂 Keep it up Steveo! Following u since i was a kid, also in the recovery-journey💪👊 Blessings from Sweden! /7 years clean n sober

  3. Now don’t get it twisted, I loved Steve-O and the Jack ass crew back in their hay day but If you really think about it. Steve-O was a rude, selfish, ill mannered pig of a man but you just can’t help but like the guy. As a fellow addict myself I also give huge props to him for getting completely clean. Unless you’ve been an addict you have no idea how hard that shit is. I relate so much to what he’s saying in this video! I never thought I’d say this but Steve-O you are a true role model 😆

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