Starting The Cannabis Seeds For Our First Indoor Grow

We are trying out a new way of starting cannabis seeds! It is finally time to start our indoor grow and we are using a soaking method recommended by one of our …


  1. Way late on this thread as I’ve just recently started watching THG.
    My preferred germinating method are Peet pellets in a small humidity dome raised above the heating pad approx 1/2”
    No soaking. 100% success rate.


    As the channel has grown and changed, I have tried to respond to every single comment in a timely manner. Unfortunately, that is getting harder and harder to do as the channel has gotten more popular, especially with chains of comments and responding back and forth. The comment system on YouTube is just not set up well to handle that many comments with the time in the day that I can give to it.

    Introducing our Patreon page. We have had it up for a long time now, but have not really utilized it and if you had looked at it before, you would not have much of a reason to join. Well, I went thru and revamped the entire thing. I want to be able to use that platform to connect more with those that are interested in doing so, at whatever level they decide to. If you have ever wanted to chat with me directly, Patreon is going to be the best way to do so going forward. I will still be responding to all of the comments I can, but as I said in the beginning that is getting harder and harder to do. There is not a team of people running this channel, it is just me and I do the best I can =)

    Anyways, thanks for reading this, and I hope to see some of you over on Patreon =)

  3. It's just better to start them off in the medium then they don't go into shock or have any residue from humans as quick as they may germinate the plants will suffer in shock and result in a slow plant growth

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