SMART GARDEN? How to Automate an Indoor Grow Room Affordably

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  1. This is an interesting topic, the future of indoor growing is heading that way for obvious reasons. I've been curious about using those automated all-in-one grow cabinets but besides the price it's just not for me

  2. Bro nice channel! Dope new grow to follow. ima check out your other videos for sure.

    btw if you got a chance check out my grows too bro. I know its hard to find good content on youtube. We growers!!

  3. Hey brother was good I got a question for you for that good little argument you are having on that show the talk show with mr. Growers vs. Soil vs. Hydroponics I got to put in the gas to put in my two cents brother so what are those creator of all evil why does creator of everything water can't live without water bro we are giving up Hydroponics hands down because without H2O there would be there wouldn't even be a growing season

  4. Had my first fail with automation. Two auto gelatos in air bucket system. They loved it for the first 15 days, then after that was downhill until l pulled the plug. Not stopping me for the next try.

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