SIX Ways to Use DELTA-8 THC 💚

HIGH FRIENDS! Today we discuss SIX different ways that you can use Delta-8 THC, a cannabinoid found in hemp plants that offers a similar, more subtle high …


  1. For anyone new to Delta 8 do NOT buy Hometown Heroes Dabs as they only have 200mg of delta 8 and cost me $45 at my local shop. (may be good for users who prefer little to no effect, I will note). I would recommend buying in “bulk”/ 10grams of distillate for $50.

  2. Thanks for bringing this wonderful Cannabis product to the weed side of things, for too long it's only swam around in the cbd waters which unfortunately has a snake oil aspect to it and CBD is super expensive so it's kind of exclusive so it's good to see full spectrum cannabis users find this. Y'all rock!!
    My experience with it, gummies or edibles are where you gonna get your money's worth and a simple formula for gauging effects is with delta 8 it's about half as strong or a little more than regular full spectrum cannabis plus it doesn't hit those paranoia or anxiety regions hard…I mean yeah, eat enough gummies and your gonna be zonked but the worst side effect is you'll just want to go to sleep haha and D8 gives you hella munchies, worse than full spectrum does so great news for some like chemo therapy patients whose appetites are gone and not so good if you're ona diet haha😉🙂
    🤘💯🤘thanakk for the video guys, the hometown hero stuff is good, the gummies to me are their best product but I've bit tried everything yet. ☮️

  3. High from Canada Doll and Dude. Happy Holidaze. This video was really fascinating. Warmed my heart cuz my hubby's a disabled vet. I'm slowly introducing him into the wonderful world of cannabis. Thank you kindly for your content today. Thinking of you both often. Your fan Sativa

  4. Awesome video guys. I’m learning so much from y’all. We have delta 8 here in my state so when I’m not using a vape pen or pills from our dispensaries with regular thc, I use delta 8 cause that’s legal here. We need to be fully legal here though. Happy smoking guys!

  5. Love you guys are covering d8 been using it for months has made my life so much better in so many ways! And by bulk people also ask for full panel lab tests on your d8 including solvents and reagents

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