"Sink Into What You Are" with Duncan Trussell and Christopher Ryan (from Joe Rogan Experience #433)

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #433 with Duncan Trussel & Christopher Ryan, Ph.D ( also available for …


  1. Oh my gosh my hands were wet and I couldn’t get to my phone in time and I was forced to listen to three minutes of Duncan, I almost lost it and the world almost all under my tail feathers.😰

  2. Yeah totally, had a dream of being in my house depressed and sad like I was a time, My home was a prison, the gates where wide and open, I gazed upon myself that was free, happy and walking the right path, I looked at myself with longing and envy, I smiled, shruged then walked out, I the sad one, stayed there, still and in pain. The gates are open, yet I stayed.

    I acted upon the dream, I walked out of the gates, found what I needed and now have found the right path, at late I am back behind the gates, not my choice. But yo, man, walk, act, this is true, you need to act and find you self in what you do and the life you live.

  3. im 16 and i think i’ve hit bottom. i have literal panic attacks worrying about what people think of me. its a mixture of my insecurity and my own biological mental state, which gives me a unique reaction.
    what i need to do is just not give so much of a shit i guess. i was like that today and oh my god its wonderful. i felt more creative, confident and i was like nice to the peeps around me. i wasnt so focused on what people thought of me and that’s how everyone should live.
    there are still some things that are a little too weird for me. but i dont give a fuck, i like the level that im at 🙂

  4. At the break they cut out a great bit that contained a clip of Fox News when someone broke script live & the other anchors just stayed in character & joe jokes about being cautions if a powerful girl is on top because it could break your dick, great bit to stubble across

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