Silica Blast Nutrient for Marijuana Plants – Helping Stem Health

Recommended by viewers, Silica Blast for plant health in adverse conditions has been added to our nutrients list. These plants have been suffering from …


  1. So I started off with DWC recently and came across a bunch of issues. I recently started adding Cal-mag, Silica and Fulvic acid to my nutrient and all of a sudden my plants are going weird and leaves look very shiny and they sort of look very weak. Do you think I need to add silica, fulvic acid and cal-mag at seedling or for the first 2 weeks or 3 weeks?

  2. Hello Dr. Bacon, hope you are having a wonderful day. Will be watching the progress and your comments on the silica blast. Never tried it, but if it works well I might just have to 🙂

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