Should we legalize Marijuana?

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  1. To the people that are saying that marijuana destroys people's lives I've seen people get off heroin with marijuana I've seen people who suffer from chronic depression pretty much be cured by marijuana I've seen people dying from cancer you can't handle the pain but after just a couple puffs they get back to damn near their old selves cannabis being illegal is classic government overreach cannabis in its many forms is a medicine… some people can be addicted to anything I've seen people spend more money on Candy Which is far worse for you.. give me one good reason why marijuana shouldn't be legal…. alcohol is the real gateway drug

  2. The most conservative thing is not to make laws that forbid any man to do anything he puts in is body. For that fact laws should be to punish not forbid us from something long as we don't harm or infringe on some one else. And if we do affect others we pay the price

  3. Of course, it is not dangerous like heroin or alcohol, and it's natural and one of God's gifts. Plus nobody has ever died from it. If you are travelling, would you want to share the road with a stoner in the right lane doing the speed limit, or someone in the left lane going 120mph after drinking a pint of jack?

  4. I've never smoked anything. I agree with you completely. I do drink wine, scotch, whiskey…but, never drank under age, I know…but really I didnt. Even I can appreciate what you are saying about people being able to choose…and your comparison to prescription drugs
    …. 100%. At the end of the day they are all substances. Prescriptions or not.

  5. People think it's a partisan topic but it's not. I have proof. Go watch any Tucker Carlson video where he bashes cannabis and read the comments. Not only that but look at the negative video ratings compared to his non-marijuana videos. His own audience disagrees with him in a big way.

  6. I'm glad to see you have this view.. I am newish to your other channel and this is the 1st video of watched on zedcast & I must admit I was really expecting you to be against legalization.

    I am from Canada and in my early 20's I would drink everyday, usually starting before noon and of course I'd make dumb choices. Which led to using hard drugs, in the worst ways.. 💉 …

    Now that I am.almost 30 and I havent drank in 4 years, and havent done hard drugs in 2 yrs, my life is awesome. I love it, but the only reason I've been so good at staying away from booze and other hard shit, is because I smoke pot every night after work. I know its not for everyone and teenagers should avoid it, until their brians have developed more, but all and all, Marijuana is not a harmful substance and for a person like me, it has really made the difference in my life. Cheers from 🇨🇦 and keep up your funny videos, (I always cringe so I always win)!

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