1. So women can take hormones to prevent them from getting pregnant aka contraceptives but a man can take a hormone to improve his sex drive and look and feel good!

  2. Doc, Do not make testosterone a controlled substance but a prescription. It should not be over-the-counter. I use to write myself a prescription for testosterone until that became illegal. Here in Mexico, all different types of testosterones are OTC. Come here and get Sustanon 250.

  3. PLEASE!!! If lawmakers were concerned about our health and well being STEROIDS shouldn’t be on the top of the list. Cigarettes and Alcohol kill hundreds of thousands and I can buy that over the counter so why can’t I purchase STEROIDS. Lawmakers are pussies!!!!!

  4. Natural selection for those who abuse it to the extreme. But, it's not necessarily about life ,but quality of life after age 45 or so, or if you suffer from low testosterone, and it's side effects. So yes I'm in favor of legalizing steroids

  5. My cardiologist told me years back that he foresaw a day when men would reach an age of around 35, and they would be routinely given a cocktail of testosterone, GH, and other anti aging meds.

  6. Read Johan Haris chasing the scream. The drug war has never been able to be won. It should be over and we should stop wasting money on it. You can not stop people from doing whatever they want to do. Make it safer by offering medical advice and pure products.

  7. Portugal an Oregon both complete decriminalization of user amounts. I think we should all just move to a better country. Leave them with no athletes, musicians, an art. america has no culture without drug users.

  8. Most definitely not, its way to dangerous to legally open steroids to the world. To manny serious health implications could occur and you can’t leave uneducated people to do as they wish with prescription medication 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. I think this is the wrong question. The real question is should the FDA broaden and expand indications, and relax prescribing practices? This is the real question.

  10. If the goal was health, then obviously. Buying anything above board is always safer than buying it underground. However, if the goal is control, then never. A stoned population is way easier to control.

  11. Well….I still think there should be some type of License to get these compounds. Maybe not putting people in jail for these….but I would like to see at least a basic TRT or HRT Passport that you can get when you have been under the care of a doctor for about a year. People are uneducated and ignorant. Some people will not know the harm of going on TRT for example and not taking enough or at the right frequency. However, once someone have been on a full year and well educated. I think they should be given more freedom to buy compounds. Especially, the TRT passport should even allow a person to get a prescription from a regular doctor that takes insurance if their monthly dose is say <=1000 mg/month of TRT. Doctors and Insurance companies might balk but once you get that TRT passport (or for women an HRT passport)…..then you should be able to get your medicines by just using your Passport. As far as the other steroids, maybe a passport "badge" increase for say Nandralone (for example) if you have an additional 6 month monitoring phase. Once enough "badge" increases are awarded then you get a Platinum Passport and you are considered educated enough to try other AAS compounds (although personally….I don't think I'm going to use anything but Nandrolone and Testosterone. I will add, maybe having certain labs quarterly and more comprehensive labs twice a year would be a condition of active passport status between quarterly "purchases" of product. Don't want someone trying steroids for 3 years strait with no labs.

  12. yes. theyare only illegal because big pharma cannot profit if they are legal. Roids in small doses actually help the human body in some cases besides just treating Low T

  13. Hello guys. Last night I shot a half of ampoule of test enanthate 250. Almost immediately I began to feel faint. Hyperventilated. Broke out in a cold sweat and began to have tightness of breath. It came with a really nasty cough. Everything I've watched describes what I experienced as the tren cough. It went away relatively quick but for a split second I thought I was going to die. Like I said this is test 250 test Depot. Pretty standard stuff. I was just wondering if I had a bad reaction took too much or what the deal was. I want to use it but that was pretty scary.

  14. If decriminalization of steroids was to be monitored, taxed and somehow tested for those purchasing them to ensure therapeutic levels, then IMO they should be, but we all know parents would be juicing their kids, creating freaks. HAHAH

  15. 2 things should change:
    1.Steroids should be sold under medical receipt only but the doctors should be more open to giving the receipt for aesthetic use. This would significantly reduce the smuggling of counterfeit steroids and most steroid users should search help.
    2.Some doctors should stop being stupid, they're always so judgemental and instead of actually helping steroid users they refuse to help and giving a boring class about their risks. Let me explain you something: just like it happened to me years ago, no matter what the doc told me, I was going to use it and I was already aware of their risks. The doc didn't know shit about what he was talking about.
    Nowadays I'm studying physical education and sports to fulfill two dreams: be a college teacher and change as many minds when it comes to bodybuilding as possible (in college students are told that bodybuilding in young ages cause growth disorders) and hopefully invest in coaching to help as many young people needing help with their protocols.

  16. No. Because we live in a superficial society (and its getting worse each year thanks to social media) and boys barely out of puberty nowadays take sarms and everything they can get to get big. if they were decriminalized, even more would take them.

  17. Yes, I live in the UK and steroids are legal to take. I have my personal gear at home and I like knowing that there is nothing I can get in trouble for. Specially when you take into account alcohol and cigarettes are legal when they kill more people than steroids do. It’s a personal choice to take steroids, they don’t inebriate you so you can’t drive or impact your your ability to do day to day tasks. Someone taking steroids does not affect anyone else.

  18. Here in Finland the use and posession of steroids (for personal use) is legal. I assume it's the same in the most european countries. There's still a little stigma with juicing but it isn't even compareble with the stigma that comes with using hard drugs. No one thinks roids are causing same kind of damage to society as street drugs do.

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