Should People Smoke Weed? Russell Brand The Trews Comments (E118)

The Trews Comments Edition (E118). I respond to more your comments and questions. Today’s edition focusses on subjects such as the financial system, …


  1. Russell you have changed so much over the years. This just came in my feed after watching your new stuff and your maturity and views have evolved and your wisdom of now is enlightening. Thanks mate it's been a joy to watch!

  2. That’s soo true some people just shouldn’t smoke , iv seen grown men cry when they can’t get there puff & they it really dos depend on the individual when it comes to weed ,But…..It makes people emotionally unavailable and their relationships always fall apart

  3. Russell i know it’s an old video be hey y not iv been clean and Sober for about 8 yr now with a laundry list of drugs started with cigarettes and alcohol,, I always loved weed and always felt it wasn’t an issue (maybe just justify myself) i got into the hard stuff and well your know that story.. fast forward. Healthiest iv ever been vegan spiritual but struggling with anxiety working spiritually to fix my inner spirit but I really really really would love to take a hit of a joint once in a while any thought.. will I be opening a box I don’t want to touch ?

  4. Don't smoke weed. Cuases your mind to see novelty in the ordinary which is stimulating and thus feels good. For this you will be addicted to watching life go by instead of participating in it.

  5. Russell Brand, how do I write you something you will surely see.
    I just know you can word things to a way that I am inspired and a program I saw of you is when I decided to stop
    But I didn’t all the way stop and I hide it very well but I am miserable af and I guess this run on sentence is me saying, man, I need your help.
    Peace and blessings, even to the bot that reads this.

  6. All drugs have their bad & good side. The key is responsible use .Regarding : "Heroin & Crack". Yes it has its stigma and it is soul killing but it can be used responsibly.I still gave it up and i did that using hallucinogens Opiate use was good for me regarding my issues with booze.It also helps with chronic pain.. Subutex/Methadone are more of a curse than a cure. It is not the substance it is the person. All drugs are great if you can understand this point and dont use opiates & stims unl;ess you want to take that ride.

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