1. There is an obituary that says she passed away in September 2016. Not sure from what, as it does not say. In any event, there are so many positive stories of CBD or THC having great efficacy with treating many illnesses. To quote the four lepers outside the Syrian camp…."if we stay we will die, if we go in we 'may' die"….so they went in and the Syrian men fled. Sometimes when you have a death sentence looming over your head you have to take the road of hope ….the 'may' road. Cannabis 'may' help….with cancer, diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis etc.

  2. This is fantastic ! It's unfortunate that you don't take all the credit for your story. You, science and evolution is what is curing you, not a supernatural being. Take the credit as a logical and reasonable human!!!!! Congrats and I hope you continue to show your progress in similar videos. The mindset of cannabis needs to be changed… and it is certainly going in the right direction ! (by the way.. I'm a month into a prescription for cannabis for anxiety and insomnia and it's working wonders !)

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