18+ SEASONS OF OUTDOOR CANNABIS #24: A HYBRID HARVEST Top Shelf Grower welcomes you to the rooftop cannabis garden at the end of week 7 of …


  1. have you tried testing and comparing harvest yield between mainlining, training and normal comparisons ? if so what were the results. if not I think it would make a great video as I can't find much information on comparisons including mainlining.

  2. You should grow all one flavor get a pound of it very nice grow tho 🌳🌳 I have three gelato #45 6 feet not that bushy but monster nugs there just getting there color cuz California still not cold yet

  3. This rain has been fucking me up too, found some rot on one of my indicas that's about a week off, Pissed off to say the least and had to half chop her off. Been doing the musical chairs in and out dance myself. My back isn't liking it.

  4. Always looking forward to every episode. Thanks for a great series and great information!! Just curious how many times do you tend to flush roughly before you harvest? Do you just do it every couple days when the soil dries out and check the ppm? I flush my fantasmo auto just now for the first time as the trichomes as just starting to get cloudy. 8 gallon pail so I gave it 8 litres 15 mins apart. The ppm was insane. 2700ppm. Thinking I'll have to do a few flushes to get it down in the next 2ish weeks

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