1. S.A.G.E. is an incredible strain.  It has everything you’d want except a name like OG or Kush.  It is 50% Afghanica and 50% Sativa.   There are generally two phonos.  One is fruity, peachy, hashy and has an pinkish hue.  This is the Indica pheno.  The other Pheno is more grey and has the taste of an American haze, but without the sweetness.  The latter tastes like sage the spice.  It tastes like mountain sage.   The Indica phono is superior.  While it has Indica taste and potency, it still has a soaring high that is definitely balanced.  It can put you out very quickly or wake you up with.  No ceiling.  The FoCo Sage cut would win almost any cup.  Glad to see another version.

  2. I can't believe all of you haters everything he says is pretty much true to my findings in studies I have actually applied half of what he said and my shit came out top notch just going by his advice he knows his shit yeah he was off by calling sage a 50/50 hybrib because it is sativa dominant hybrid but other than that he knows what he's talking about sage and sage n sour have been my favorite strains since I was in high school I followed his advice about not wetting the stem and it worked perfectly if you put water on certain strains stem you notice that the leaves look all sad

  3. Also u said that sage was a indica dominant but yet u compared it to blue dream jw is it the smell when u smoke it has a haze smell but blue dream is a pure sativa its genetics come from sativa parents which are blueberry and haze

  4. My findings with sage 400 true watts of cfls poor mans grow. 11 weeks 64gs of prime nugs 8 gs of fluff and 14gs of prime trim… not a bad strain for a poor mans grow.. really looking forward to see what the strain will do under a HID.

  5. Please put up more videos for things you know. I want to learn from you specifically. Some of the best and most relate-able information I have found so far. I would particularly like to see some videos on watering cycles and how to decide when it is time to water. Most of the written mnaterial and even the videos on the matter turn up statements like "Let the soil dry out a bit…". A "bit"? WTF is a bit? That's like "Down the road a piece.". I need some clearer language on this subject.

  6. I am sorry but the people that are saying all this crap about these vids are just stupid were are your videos?
    if you have nothing to do go and shoot some videos yourself and get the revues you are giving and learn something!
    Dont see it if you dont like it!
    Some of us want to learn something everyday and people who know enough should all put there opinions on air because it is by sharing knowledge and discussing it that it goes forward!
    Fucking retards!
    Fuck them steve keep them coming!

  7. Watched'em all! Thank you Steve!

    For the haters: Do you look better stoned? I don't think anyone does, but 99% of the people watching this are probably stoned. Yet some of you ignoramuses knock this "country genius" grower for looking just like you do, doing what you want to do, and producing your favorite product! There are pearls of wisdom to be found here, that only years of experience can reveal.

  8. @TEDOVSKY thats about the wildest claim I have ever seen on the Internet and I can smell the bullshit threw my comp screen. I've grown for 17 yrs and I haven't learned anything new in the last 10+. So you saying you have that much growing xp doesn't mean shit.

  9. I also don't care if saying this makes me a troll, i call it how i see it ,and all the 15 year old wannabe noobs living in there parents house hoping to grow a lowryder in their sock drawer can belive all his b.s till the cows come home.

  10. I watched all these videos and had respect for this guy UNTIL his video where he describes the Sensi strain Mr Nice as a 15 week flowering sativa.Now, there is 2 possibilities .Either A) He was really stoned in the video and forgot that mr nice is a cross of G13 (indica) and hash plant (indica) ,and is marketed by sensi as "the ultimate indica", in which case he should make a new video and remove the original or B) He is an idiot..Since he hasn't corrected his video i can only assume the latter

  11. Stop the hate. Don't we all love the same plant? Steve tuck is a well respected name, known both here in amsterdam and around the world with top breeders and seed companies who consult him on strains and grows.
    Been growing myself for 57 years (I'm 75) and although i beg to differ with him on a few things sometimes, there is NO WAY i'd insult his good name on youtube..
    We all have our own techniques . . happily
    Shame his good name is getting kicked around by youtube trolls, haters and idiots.

  12. Like you i'm amazed at the nasty comments steve gets here on youtube. I'm dutch, and here in amsterdam his name is spoken in great esteem with the elite breeders both here in Holland and around the world who consult him often on the latest breeding trials/ strains etc. (not to mention many cannabis world cup teams asking him for tips).
    I think most of the nastiness comes from jealous and/ or ignorant people .
    True, his presentation could be a bit smoother, but that's just the way he is.

  13. what do u care about what this guy is doing,your just a hater dude.this guy is not here to contest anybody and if u posted vids on here he wouldnt waste his time worrying about u so f……uck off.breeder steve and d.j short are my favorite breeder. ? is adam dunn friends with grower rezdog?

  14. so this hillbily who makes up half is info is friends with the creator of sage???so that mean you know famous breeder Adam Dunn from THseeds???i dont think he would be friend with a liar……might as well take these vids down because the only people who are gonna care about genetics are the same people who know this guys a fraud…which is probably the reason why all your vids have more dislikes then likes….FAIL

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